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fot. Dorota Oeknigk - Urbańska

Agata Urbańska-Krasowska

Chicken Cottage is something more than a way to live your life. It’s a magical way of revitalizing old materials: boards, beams, used nails, screws, steel panels and everything that I come across and find attractive. I take over everything that bears the marks of time or has been thrown away, unwanted or even a little bit odd or different. Sooner or later it will become a piece of my work. I combine these elements with a traditional painting or sculpting technique. New pieces of art appear and tell us about my sensitivity, sometimes about a thought that crossed my mind and really wanted to be discovered and presented. That is why I frequently combine ceramics with wood and a letter. It enriches the work visually and it allows me to convey a motto hidden in a piece of clay.

Every day I make magic so that my work is powerful enough to steal someone’s heart.It happens that I take a paintbrush and something that I really wanted to convey spatially, I paint on a plain surface of canvas. The thing is sometimes trivial but it is surely an indisputable life truth such as commitment that love is based on. I visualize commitment as a ‘tea time’ when two people with faces scratched by life experiences meet on a cloud of tea vapors or as in a painting ‘What women like most’ where I humorously show a woman swimming in a coffee cup holding a wine glass.

Each piece of work is a long process. It takes a lot of time from a spark, a thought that appears in my head to the final outcome. Dealing with clay takes a lot of patience, diligence and humbleness. A sculpture that was made has to be dried and fired twice in a kiln. And it is just a fragment of my work as it then needs to be combined with wood and additional elements such as metal.

fot. Ewa Piątek

fot. Ewa Piątek

Details are absolutely essential. It happens that my idea changes throughout the process as we ourselves change every day, we become more experienced with what we have been through before.

I make sure, and it is of utmost importance to me, that each piece of work is unique, unrepeatable. I want each person, who decides to have one piece of my work, to feel special. That is why you will not find here two identical pieces, I do not use patterns, molds.

I would like to invite you to put a spell on reality.

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